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Deaf Awareness Week 2018

This week is 2018’s Deaf Awareness Week, aiming to raise awareness and challenge perceptions of hearing loss and deafness. Action on Hearing Loss report 1 in 6 people in the UK have a hearing loss. 40% of people over 50 have a hearing loss and this rises to a prevalence of 71% in adults over […]

Fitting Hearing Aids: Art or Science

Those of us that are in the business will likely recognise this as a popular essay question from training days. For those readers that are the users of our artfully and scientifically fitted hearing aids, I thought it would be useful to give an overview of what I like to think of as being a […]

Invisible hearing aids are now reality

Nearly 9 million people in the UK are currently suffering from hearing loss, equivalent to 1 in every 7 people with a hearing disability. 2 million people have hearing aids, but only 1.4 million use them regularly; it is estimated that approximately 4 million people could benefit from the use of hearing aids according to […]