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Audio Service Hearing Aids.

Audio Service has been developing hearing systems for 40 years. Their core area of expertise is in-the-ear hearing systems, and they also offer a full product range including behind-the-ear hearing systems, open-ear systems, RIC hearing systems, ear moulds and an extensive selection of accessories.

With the new G6 platform, they have added a new dimension to the detection of hearing situations. Due to the integrated Motion Sensors, the new HighRes Comformatic can recognise over 120 different hearing scenarios – automatically!

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quiX G6

The hearing device that almost disappears in your ear!

Designed to sit comfortably and discretely in the ear canal, quiXG6 is the instant-fit hearing aid from Audio Service. The device is almost invisible from the outside, and thanks to the G6 technology platform, it recognises a large number of hearing situations and automatically adapts to them.

quiX G6 allows you to not compromise between comfort and sound quality!

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Stiline G6

Stylish design, rechargeability, and fantastic sound quality.

Stiline G6 is a hearing aid that adapts to your lifestyle and taste. Its sleek design comes in many colour combinations, so whether you are more cosmic blue, rose gold, or sleek black, there is something for you.

In addition, Stiline G6 includes all the benefits of the G6 technology like Motion Sensor, Direct Audio Streaming, and many more.

Finally, you can stop worrying about changing your battery, as with this hearing aid, you will experience all the advantages of a rechargeable device.

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R Li 7

Rechargeability and technology in one unique device.

R Li 7 is one of the last arrived in the Audio Service family! Thanks to the chip improvements R Li 7 offers Multi-Track processing for improved speech comprehension, Signal-to-Noise Ratio, Direct Audio Streaming for Android, rechargeability, and much more.

The latest technology is just one click away with R Li 7.

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