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Oticon Hearing Aids.

Devoted to hearing aid users

The sound scene around you is constantly changing in unpredictable ways – everywhere you go. And it contains far more richness than just speech. So your brain has evolved to handle all this complexity and create meaning from it. Oticon Hearing Aids has chosen to focus on understanding the brain better and develop technology that supports it.

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Oticon More

Allows you to experience the full sound scene in all its richness

Oticon More embodies Oticons BrainHearing™ philosophy. This means it supports your brain by giving it access to the full sound scene.

Their most intelligent microchip ever – Polaris™ – enables Oticon More to use a ground-breaking new technology: a Deep Neural Network (DNN). This mimics how the brain works and has learned to recognise all kinds of sounds in fine detail – so it knows how they should ideally sound.

The result is a more natural representation of all sounds in a clear, complete, and balanced sound scene – so you get more from every listening situation.

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