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If you only have a mild hearing loss then Hearables are the answer if you’re not ready for hearing aids.

Hearables, according to Wikipedia, are ‘technically advanced, electronic in-ear-devices designed for multiple purposes ranging from wireless transmission to communication objectives, medical monitoring and fitness tracking.’ Phew! This is then broken into five different categories, of which Hearing Enhancement Earbuds and Hearing Aid wearables feature. We’ll just focus on Hearing Aid wearables which are more closely allied to the performance of quality hearing aids.

In many situations, whether walking along a crowded high street, dining in a busy restaurant or even working in a vibrant open-plan office, a high level of ambient noise is created which makes holding a conversation a considerable challenge, especially for those with a minor hearing loss.

For many people who carry a minor hearing loss this is an acceptable consequence of dealing with the hearing aid stigma, but with several companies recently launching their take on hearing aid wearables it’s now time to reassess this position.

One such company, Signia Active, feel that their range of hearing aid wearables taps into the high tech look of earbuds, which everyone now seems to be wearing. Indeed, when worn, you’d be hard pushed to tell the difference between a pair of Signia Active aids and ordinary earbuds. And with colour options of black, white and silver it’s easy to see why.

With a simple fitment into the ear, again just like earbuds, and great user functions such as bluetooth, portable rechargeability, ‘Face Mask Mode’ and an app that allows you to adjust the hearing aid performance according to your environment and these Signia Active aids are really punching above their weight.

And with no requirement to have them physically fitted by an Audiologist, although we would certainly recommend an initial remote tuning appointment by video to start off with, you can be set up in next to no time.

Although not offering the levels of complexity required for those in need of considerable help with their hearing, the economic benefit of choosing Signia Active is there to be had if your hearing loss is mild or you just need occasional hearing help for those all important occasions.

You may have already detected that we at Click Hearing are very keen on these devices, so much so that our sister company, , is dedicated to hearing aid wearables and where you can buy yourself a pair of Signia Active aids today. Visit the site now to discover more.