Music moulds and earphones

For those music lovers who just have to listen to their music at the best quality, or the musician who wants a cost-effective, custom-made in-ear monitoring solution for the stage and studio, we are able to offer a broad range of options to suit all budgets.

From personal hearing moulds that simply slip over your existing phone earphones to the new Snugs range that offers true hi-fi performance with in-line control for calls and volume. And for musicians who regularly play live to engineers and regular gig-goers we have noise protection solutions for you too.


Introducing Snugs, the custom-fit earphones that are taking the market by storm and winners of the T3 Platinum Award.

Snugs offer the best sound quality giving in-ear headphones powerful bass response, crystal clear vocals and sparkling trebles.

Snugs fit like a glove and so never fall out even when exercising. Their perfect profile means even after long periods of wear they are still comfortable. This great fit ensures external sound is kept out even in noisy places and also your music doesn’t disturb others.

As well as offering the Snugs fitting service (included in the price) to any customer in the UK we offer four different Snugs options along with a multitude of colour choices.


Snugs original

Sound Quality – Unparalleled quality of sound

Materials Quality – Supremely comfortable, the best materials for durability

Noise Cancelling – Best possible passive noise isolation

Price – £199   Buy now!



Snugs active

Snugs stay in place – however active you are, Snugs won’t fall out.

Focus – Your music, your motivation, no compromise Comfort with our perfect custom fit

Price – £199   Buy now!

Snugs wireless

Perfect For Sports Activities

Works With All Bluetooth-Enabled Devices

Liquipel Sweat-Repellent Nano Technology

Price – £199   Buy now!

Snugs only- for when you already have earphones

Sound Quality – Fits over 200 earphones – Many models from leading brands

Perfect Fit – Snugs are modelled on the exact shape of your ear canal for supreme comfort and made with the best materials for durability

Maximum Isolation – Reduced external noise improves earphone performance

Price – £179   Buy now!

Puretone Personal Moulds in either acrylic or silicon

Custom-made moulds to fit over any earphones

Aimed at the amateur or semi-pro musician, these custom-made moulds offer a cost-effective way of achieving professional results. Personal moulds are simply fitted over any driver of your choice, creating a seal which increases low frequency response and improves attenuation.
Available in acrylic or silicone material, in a wide range of colours, these earpieces are the ultimate personalisation for the serious music listener. Ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy music to the maximum, or the musician who wants a cost-effective, custom-made in-ear monitoring solution for the stage and studio.

Acrylic material is generally harder and more rigid than the silicone material alternative, and available in a wider range of colours and finishes, including a sparkle glitter finish to make your earpieces really stand out.

Soft silicone material is generally more flexible, making the earmoulds easy to fit over headphones than the acrylic material alternative. Silicone moulds are very comfortable to wear over a long durations, and available in 11 different colour finishes.

From £99 the pair (excluding cost of impressions). Call 0800 612 1345 for further information

i-Monitor Pro


i-Monitor PRO is the ultimate accessory for your Smart Phone or MP3 player

– Custom-made silicone earpieces
– Sublime wearing comfort
– Wide range hi-fi sound
– Take handsfree calls easily
– Simple Operation With In-Line Button & Volume Control

Featuring twin steel armature drivers for excellent sound quality, clear voice calls and enhanced bass response, i-Monitor PRO allow you to receive/end calls completely hands-free, thanks to the in-line push button located on the cable. The button also features a built-in microphone and volume control slider.
i-Monitor PRO are manufactured from soft, flexible silicone, giving an ambient noise reduction of approximately 25dB.

From £199 the pair (excluding cost of impressions). Call 0800 612 1345 for further information

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