Hearing Protection

Your hearing needs protecting in many aspects of your life. If you are exposed to high levels of noise, this can cause noise induced hearing loss (NIHL), which is irreversible damage to the ears. NIHL can come on suddenly some time after the causal event.

Triggered by noise exposure over a long period (e.g. working in a noisy environment, such as a bar, club or factory) or sudden extreme noise trauma (e.g. gunfire, explosions), Click Hearing offers many hearing protection options to protect you in the best possible way.

Shooting Plugs

The sound of gunfire can permanently damage your hearing in milliseconds. Use the correct high performance custom moulded shooting plugs in order to prevent irreversible damage

Personal Music Moulds

Whether you are listening to your favourite music on your ipod or watching the performance live we have a variety of earmoulds and plugs to suit. More

Swim Moulds

Custom made swimming moulds are preferred by swimmers, surfers and doctors to reduce the risk of waterborne infection. More

Sleeping Plugs

Custom moulded Sleep Plugs are crafted to reduce noises that may prevent sleep, such as snoring or travel noise.

Motorbike Plugs

Motorcycle users need to use ear plugs because the noise caused by turbulent air buffeting a motorcycle helmet almost always exceeds safe levels.

Noise at Work

Virtually invisible hearing protection for home, leisure and industrial use. Noise exposure can contribute to tinnitus and hearing impairment. 

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