Hearing Aids

Hearing aids come in an array of styles and performance levels. As an independent hearing aid provider, we are able to choose from the whole market of hearing aid suppliers. We give you the widest choice of digital hearing aid solutions from leading hearing aid manufacturers including:

Hearing aids

Whatever your level of hearing loss, lifestyle, personal requirements and budget, we are confident we will find a solution to suit your individual needs.

Hearing Test

This video explains what is involved with a hearing test at Click Hearing. A customer is shown at his local hearing aid centre, having a hearing test in a soundproofed environment and being advised on the choice of hearing aids by Principal Audiologist Ben Mann.

What areĀ Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids are small devices that amplify and enhance sounds, helping people with hearing loss to better hear and understand the sounds around them. Hearing aids enable a person with a hearing loss to hear speech clearly, enabling them to stay socially active and involved, improving their quality of life.

Hearing Aid Types

There are a wide variety of hearing aid types and styles available to suit all tastes. At Click Hearing our professional audiologists will help you to select the right type of hearing aid for your needs. Using gold standard protocols, we will ensure that you receive the very best benefit from the hearing device that you choose. Our reputation, and long history of excellence ensures that you will receive the support you need for your many years of better hearing.

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