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If you or your loved ones feel that your hearing needs some help, or if you wear hearing aids that are getting on a bit, come and see us for a Test & Trial.

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Try the best hearing aids without cost or obligation!

When you discover how much brighter the world is when you can hear clearly and join in confidently, we will offer you a £100 credit for your old hearing aids towards your new hearing care solution.

After-care is where we shine! Choosing us as your hearing care partner includes 2 years of our world leading care package, including FREE ear wax removal.

Speak to one of our team today on the options available to you and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Or read on for more information.

What is Test & Trial?

Test & Trial is a simple way for you to see if hearing aids are right for you, without cost or obligation.

How much will my hearing improve?‘ and ‘How comfortable will they be?‘ are questions you will have answered with Test & Trial

How long does the Test & Trial last?

You will have the aids for 14 days which is normally long enough for you to make a judgment as to how they perform for you. During this period, we will be on hand to make any adjustments or changes that you may require to ensure you are experiencing the highest quality of sound.

Is there a cost?

There is no cost or obligation to purchase as long as you have recently had your hearing checked with us or have recently visited us for wax removal. A recent hearing test with another provider will also suffice but please bring along your test results with you. If you have not had a recent hearing test, we will ask you to have a hearing screen first to determine your suitability for hearing aid fitment. This costs £30.

After the Test & Trial period is over, if you do not wish to proceed simply return the aids to us. Simple.

How do I arrange for a Test & Trial?

You can book a Test and Trial appointment by calling us on 01245 905 678 or 01708 204 972.
In the appointment we will determine the best hearing aid and settings for you to trial. This will ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your Test & Trial experience.

We listen to our patients.

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