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We all know that the internet is full of special offers, discounts and sales. This is great for all of us who want to save money. However when it comes to looking at purchasing a hearing aid it is not just the price you should be looking at, but having expert advice, care and support as well.

We are ever increasingly helping people to feel confident about using hearing aids again after past bad experiences purchasing them online without the much needed expert advice, care and support. Ben Mann, Senior Audiologist at Click Hearing said “All I want to see is people’s life’s transformed by using a hearing aid, I can only do that if they give me the opportunity to provide them with one to one, face to face care expert advice, care and support.”

The product-testing and consumer campaigning charity Which? published some must ask questions when purchasing a hearing aid, the top set of questions included ‘who will the follow-up appointment be with and how often? How do you get hold of the audiologist if there is a problem and how quickly should you expect a problem to be rectified’ These are questions that many ‘online only’ hearing aid suppliers would not be able to answer; however hearing practices such as Click Hearing can offer you a wide range of hearing aid products online and at the practices as they are independent and not affiliated with any particular manufacture but also, and most importantly offer you face-to-face care from knowledgeable professionals which will be fundamental to helping you improve the quality of your lifestyle.

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