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You’re invited!

Hearing Help Essex & Stagetext present: Access For All


At Click Hearing, we are passionate about supporting accessible solutions for those with hearing loss. It is for this reason that we are delighted to invite you to an exciting live, online session delivered by Stagetext, in collaboration with Hearing Help Essex!

Hearing Help Essex is a fantastic, local organisation offering support and guidance to those experiencing hearing loss. They have recently partnered with Stagetext, a leading organisation who provide captioning and live subtitling services to theatres and other arts venues. In doing so, they help make arts activities more accessible to people who have hearing difficulties.

You are invited to:

A 1 hour, live online session with subtitling & Q&A

Choose either Tuesday 11th May or Wednesday 26th May, both at 7pm

These are FREE to join sessions designed to raise awareness of how Stagetext is making theatre and culture accessible to people with hearing loss or who are deaf/deafened.


The session is particularly beneficial if:

– You enjoy arts, culture and entertainment but worry about missing out on this due to hearing loss.

– You want to find out more about how captioning or live subtitling can maximise an individual’s experience at live performances.

– You want to know more about engaging with arts and culture during the pandemic.

(Photo by Heather Judge. 2015)

If you’d like to join the session, please register your interest by clicking the button above or send an email directly to [email protected] Registrations need to be made by Thursday 6th May for the 11th May session and Thursday 20th May for the 26th May session.

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