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Snugs custom-fit earphones are now available at Click Hearing. Snugs is a UK manufacturer of custom-fit earmoulds and earphones. These high quality, award winning earphones have been receiving regular five star reviews in the music and technology media as well as the national press and have been awarded the T3 Platinum award.

Each ear tip is created to fit the exact replica of your ear. This allows for a perfect seal from external noise and perfect reproduction of music at a safe level. We start the process by taking a mould of each ear at Click Hearing and then sending these off to be 3D printed at the Snugs factory.

As well as offering Snugs ‘original’ we can provide Snugs ‘wireless’ and Snugs ‘active’ depending on your requirements. And if you already have earphones from another manufacturer Snugs can provide custom made tips for these as well.

Each pair of Snugs custom-fit earphones has a mic built in and comes with a protective carry case.

For more information and pricing on Snugs follow the link here or call us on 0800 6121 345

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