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Signia Hearing Aids.

The new Signia hearing aids significantly reduce hearing effort throughout the day for hearing impaired people by highlighting speech in a wide variety of listening situations. The new dedicated music programs take music enjoyment to a whole new level, and will satisfy even professional musicians.

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Ace Primax Hearing Aid

Ace Primax

Ideal for first-time wearers and those who demand the utmost in discretion and functionality, Ace Primax™ is the smallest in the Signia range of RIC hearing instruments. It sits nearly invisibly behind the ear for greater discretion. Ace Primax’ SpeechMaster function reduces extraneous voices and sounds, singling out the dominant speaker for effortless conversation in every situation. With the touchControl App, wearers can adjust it conveniently and discreetly from their smartphone.

Ace Primax. Superb hearing you don’t have to think about.

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Carat Primax

As part of the Signia’s Power Range, the elegant Carat primax was designed to deliver optimum amplification for an outstanding hearing experience. Equipped with all the advantages of the primax platform, this discreet receiver-in-canal hearing aid is suitable for almost all levels of hearing loss.

Its battery packs offer even more staying power to provide wearers with extra long performance. More than this, the optional rechargeable battery makes handling the Carat primax unbelievably convenient.

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Cellion S primax
Signia Silk Primax 5

Silk Primax

Packed with advanced features, the tiny Silk primax™ Click CICs are nevertheless almost invisible in the ear. Their binaural OneMic directionality is a world’s first and, with their flexible swift fit Click Sleeves, the new Silk primax Click models are ideal for first-time wearers looking for a discreet solution with no fuss. Three different sleeve sizes, suitable for any ear, mean you can walk in, experience Silk primax and walk out of the door with a new CIC hearing aid without having to wait for a custom-built device.

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Cellion Primax

Cellion primax™ is the world’s first hearing aid with lithium-ion inductive charging with no fiddly batteries to replace. Cellion primax starts charging automatically as soon as it is placed in the charger, and with its smart electronics it turns on automatically when it’s taken out again. Its rechargeable lithium-ion power cell can be charged in 4 hours and lasts for 24 hours straight without charging, even with unlimited streaming. If necessary, a quick 30-minute charge will last for 7 hours.

Cellion primax. Hassle free hearing.

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Ace Primax Hearing Aid

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