Oticon Corda 2 Slim Tubes


Manufactured by: Oticon
Model: 589-25-140-00,589-25-130-00,589-25-141-00,589-25-131-00,589-25-142-00,589-25-132-00,589-25-143-00,589-25-133-00

Pack of 5 press fit slim tubes. Suitable for Oticon BTE hearing instruments. Spirit 3 BTE, Zest micro BTE, Epoq, Agil, Acto, Vigo, Syncro, Saffran, Tego. Please check the end of your current tube to check the size (from 0 to 3) and select from the drop-down box. Please ensure you select the correct item as these cannot be returned for hygiene reasons.

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