Hypersound Clear 500P


Manufactured by: Hypersound
Model: 500P

The HyperSound Clear™ 500P is the first-of-its-kind personal surround sound system designed to help you hear better, by directing sound only where you want it.

Hear the clear, immersive sound without disturbing others. Simply plug the system into your TV, point it at your favourite seat, and watch whatever, whenever.

HyperSound Clear™ 500P gives you freedom. It doesn’t require headphones, so you’re not tethered to the TV or isolated from the rest of the room.

It brings back a natural listening experience. It’s just you and your entertainment. No more lip reading or struggling to find the right volume.

Don’t just be in the room, be a part of the room. HyperSound Clear™ 500P works with your existing TV speakers, soundbars, and sound systems. You control your volume, and they control theirs.

Finally, you can enjoy a family movie night where you don’t need a play-by-play from the person next to you.

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