iStock_000009437291LargeSelect is a new concept exclusively available from Click Hearing centres that will ensure you continue to receive our dedicated care and service whilst enjoying substantial member savings and benefits.

We understand that buying a hearing aid is only part of your decision to look after your hearing. So we have created the Select plan to take the hassle out of your hearing healthcare and give you peace of mind that is all taken care of by one small payment of £19.99 per month – which could save you over £450 in one year!

And you don’t have to buy new hearing aids to become a member. You can join Select if your hearing aids are up to four years old and receive the same benefits from Day One. Just give us a call today us to discuss how Select can work for you.

Download the Select brochure as a PDF here

Download the Direct Debit form as a PDF here

The full list of Member benefits is detailed below. Select Plan

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