Hearing Aid Batteries. Rayovac size 10.


Active Core Plus™ technology is available in RAYOVAC® ProLine hearing aid batteries, with improved cell consistency, longer lasting battery life and increased cell stability.



PROLINE ® ADVANCEDCross section thought a hearing aid cell

The longest lasting hearing aid batteries.

6 batteries per pack with a minimum order quantity of 10 packs.

Visiting a professional audiologist is the best way to care for your hearing. The Rayovac Proline range is exclusive to audiologists and undergoes extensive testing to ensure only the highest quality.

The Technology:

ProLine hearing aid batteries include Rayovac’s new Active Core Technology to provide power on demand, longer lasting performance and increased durability. No battery lasts longer*. No matter what the situation, from mountain climbing to spending time with your family, your Rayovac Proline hearing aid batteries give you the power to take advantage of advanced, high drain hearing aid features like automatic environment sensing or ear to ear directionality**.
* Based on ANSI/IEC tests for sizes 312 and 13
** with the appropriate hearing aid
We’ve been recommending Rayovac for many years because we’ve found them to the the most reliable. You can read more about the technology here


Hearing Aid Tip:

If you have spent a number of hours in a high humidity environment,  allow your hearing aid and its batteries to dry out when you are not wearing it. Opening the battery door and leaving it in a cool, dry place will help to remove any condensation or moisture from within the device. You could also use a hearing aid dehumidifier to help maintain your device.  However, remember to remove the batteries from the device first because using a dehumidifier with batteries in situ can have an adverse effect on the batteries by drying them out. Reduced temperatures may lead to a lowering of the hearing aid battery voltage during use as the zinc air reaction can be subdued.  This can, in extremely cold conditions, lead to a premature ‘low battery signal’ from the hearing aid, giving the perception of low battery life.  However, the greatest risk to your hearing aid and its batteries in very cold environments is of condensation forming within the hearing aid when moving from a cold to a warm environment.