CENS Digital 1 Shooting moulds


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Custom electron noise suppression (CENS):

  • Effectively suppresses gunshot noise
  • Allows for normal conversation
  • Hear approaching game before anyone else
  • No gun mount interference

Each pair of CENS are custom-made to the wearer’s ear, ensuring maximum comfort over many hours without the need to be removed. CENS are available in 3 variations:

CENS digital – Providing unsurpassed protection, while giving the wearer improved perceived sound, CENS digital are the original custom electronic noise suppressors. CENS digital 2 features two pre-programmed settings, #1 for game, which boosts quieter sounds, and #2 for clay, giving extra suppression.

CENS ProFlex – Made from flexible, medical-grade silicone material, these digital, ultra soft noise suppressors are designed to be extremely comfortable over long durations, whilst still providing the excellent suppression you expect from any CENS earplugs.

CENS ProFlex utilises a modular design that features an interchangeable active system and for an extra cost you can also have a set of passive plugs, making cleaning simple.

Every pair of CENS ProFlex is also coated with an ultra-thin anti-bacterial layer, for improved comfort and hygiene. With CENS ProFlex you won’t even notice you’re wearing an earplug!

CENS ProFlex 2 also features two pre-programmed settings for game and clay shooting, and an ultra-soft canal tip on all earpieces for extra wearing comfort.

CENS Hunter – CENS Hunter are designed especially with the rifle marksman in mind. The brand new state-of-the-art circuitry inside every CENS Hunter is capable of suppressing the louder gunshot noise generated by rifle and large calibre ammunition.

CENS Hunter features two new pre-programmed settings, the second of which provides increased wind noise reduction, without losing the ability to hear sounds such as wing beats and animal cries.

Every pair is also supplied with wind shields that fit over the ear, cutting down wind noise even further when using a high chair or when shooting in severe conditions.

CENS Hunter also features the same modular design and additional passive insert as the CENS Flex.

Every pair of CENS is supplied with a comprehensive CENS pack, containing hard and soft carry cases, wallet, user manual, batteries, cleaning supplies and CENS baseball case and clothing patch.