Cedis Cleansing/Drying Set for Slim Tubes, Standard


Open fit hearing aids require special cleansing/drying products. To this end, Cedis also offers the best solution: The comprehensive care set, packed in an attractive transparent bag, for the cleaning and drying of open fit hearing aids. Suitable for all kinds of established slim tubes! With the OtoFloss special cleansing threads your slim tubes will be dried effectively. Before this step, the cleansing tablets with active oxygen will provide optimum cleaning. Drying capsules (with colour indicator) and the drying container for the drying of hearing aids complete the set. Contents: 8 cleansing tablets, 1 cleansing container with sieve, 10 OtoFloss mini special cleansing threads for slim tubes with <= 0.9 mm, 4 drying capsules, 1 drying container.