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Click Hearing has joined an international roster of hearing care clinics that have received the Inspired by Ida label. The designation is given by the Ida Institute to clinics whose staff members have completed courses in person-centered care and signed the Inspired by Ida Code of Ethics.

The label was created by the Ida Institute, a non-profit organisation based in Denmark, to encourage audiologists and hearing clinics to adopt a person-centered approach to hearing care.

In order for clinics to qualify for the label, at least 80 percent of the staff must complete dedicated courses on how to apply person-centered care in the appointment. This includes listening to the clients’ individual preferences and perspectives, sharing decision-making with them, involving their family when appropriate, and providing emotional support.

This approach has proven to increase people’s satisfaction with their hearing care as well as treatment outcomes.

“Evidence demonstrating the benefits of person-centered care in audiology is growing,” explains Lise Lotte Bundesen, Managing Director of the Ida Institute. “Person-centered care focuses on the individual preferences and values of the person with hearing loss. It allows people to better articulate their needs and paves the way for a more efficient care.”

“By listening carefully to our clients and really involving them in the care process, we are able to make better recommendations for technologies and strategies that can help them manage hearing loss in daily life,” says Ben Mann, Principal Audiologist. “We are very proud to receive this new label which signals our dedication to the highest standards of hearing care.”

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