Speech Therapy

slt_consultancyslt_consultancySpeech and language therapy is concerned with the management of speech and language, communication and swallowing disorders in children and adults. Laura Dawson is our Speech & Language Therapist and specialises in the following areas:

Laura Dawson, speech therapist at Click Hearing

Laura Dawson, speech therapist at Click Hearing

Speech and Language Development in Children:

Some children are slow to begin speaking and may not follow instructions. When children struggle to be understood, behavioural difficulties can arise. Laura Offers effective assessments and speech and language therapy packages specifically aimed at training parents with the skills to interact effectively with their child and encourage speech and language development.┬áLaura has a strong interest in children’s speech sound disorders and is the author of Auditory Bombardment stories; speech-sound stories for children. (Winslow press, 2004)


Adult swallowing and voice disorders

Voice disorders can arise for a number of reasons; after a cough or cold or from stress or vocal misuse. Laura requires all patients to see an ENT consultant if they have identified a problem or change in their voice.

Articulation disorders

Articulation disorders may result from injury or surgery to the mouth, or after a neurological event such as a stroke where speech becomes slurred and/or certain sounds are affected. Laura can also help with longstanding articulation problems, such as lisps.

Acquired communication disorders

Disordered speech or language impacts on a person’s ability to understand and express themselves using language in written or spoken form. It usually follows a neurological disorder such as a stroke, or a progressive neurological disorder such as multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease or Parkinson’s disease.

Head and neck cancer

The effects of head and neck cancer, and its treatment can cause numerous changes to speech and swallowing. Laura can work with clients requiring assessment or therapy for these areas providing a referral has been made by a consultant.

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