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Hearing Test Upminster

Click Hearing Test Upminster

heavily invests in the latest hearing technologies at our flagship store in Upminster as well as neighbouring hearing centres to give you the very best in hearing advice and help.

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Types of Hearing Tests Available in Upminster

Hearing Screening Upminster

Click Hearing offer hearing screening is designed to quickly and effectively determine whether your hearing is operating efficiently or if there may be some assistance required. This takes no more than 15 minutes for the test.

Comprehensive Hearing Test Upminster

This includes a more detailed look at your hearing. Due to the many reasons why hearing loss can occur we perform a variety of tests which are designed to test your hearing health. Such as; Otoscopy, Tympanometry, Acoustic Reflexes, Otoacoustic Emissions & Auditory Processing with a full audiogram report.

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Diagnostic Hearing Test Upminster

Audiometry (Tone or Speech) hearing test

Using tones of varying frequencies and volume, this test provides us with an evaluation of your sense of hearing and is carried out in a sound proof booth for the most accurate measurements.

Tympanometry Test.

This test is often carried out in conjunction with audiometry and is used to assess the function of the middle ear. We can also provide ipsi & contralateral reflexes and reflex decay on request.

Brainstem evoked response audiometry hearing test

This test uses electrodes that are placed on the scalp and behind the ears to measure neural responses to brief tones, available in outpatient clinics or theatre for objective tests or reviewing the growth of acoustic neuroma.


Enables us to view the condition of the outer ear and provides us with a permanent photographic record for future reference.

Otoacoustic emissions (DP, TE and SE) hearing tests for babies.

Used to test the function of the cochlea and other parts of the ear to investigate possible early noise damage and objective tinnitus assessment. Further hearing tests may be needed to determine if there is hearing loss or not.

Listening in Spatialised Noise

Sentences Test (LiSN-S) Developed by the National Acoustics Laboratory this is a virtual-reality hearing test that measures speech perception used for the evaluation of auditory processing disorders.

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