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Ear Wax Removal Chelmsford.

Microsuction is a method of ear wax removal. Ear wax is removed using a gentle suction and a high power microscope to view the ear canal and drum. It is the preferred method used by Ear Nose and Throat Doctors and is available from our Chelmsford locations in Duke Street & Springfield Hospital.

Other methods of ear wax removal, such as syringing, might also be effective but can carry some inconvenience, such as dosing with oil for several weeks before treatment. Risks, such as damage to the ear drum and/or ear pain are also reduced by using microsuction wax removal in preference to irrigation.

Before booking on behalf of a child under the age of 7 please call us first to ensure you are clear on what the procedure entails.

Microsuction is £85 for one or both ears. If no wax is discovered we’ll only charge you a consultancy fee of £30.

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Ear Wax removal with Microsuction

Watch our short video on how we remove ear wax using microsuction. It’s a simple process and the effect is immediate. Call us today for your 20 minute appointment or book online.

Instant Results

Unlike using ear drops to soften the ear wax to dislodge a build up, microsuction offers instant results and you will notice the difference directly after the procedure has completed.

Microsuction leaves no mess

Microsuction leaves no mess compared to traditional ear irrigation. Microsuction doesn’t use water or any other liquid which means the entire process is much less messy!

Safe for perforated ear-drums

As there are no liquids involved this means that the procedure is far safer for those who have perforated eardrums or any pre-existing conditions. Speak with your audiologist first if you are unsure.

No preparation required

Microsuction is incredibly effective at removing both soft and hard ear wax and does not require any pre-appointment preparations, but using oil for a day or two beforehand can help. Simply arrive at your appointment and have a short examination before going ahead.

When should I consider Microsuction?

  • Hearing aid users who generate lots of wax.
  • If you have impacted ear wax.
  • If you have very hairy ears.
  • If you require urgent wax removal due to poor hearing or prior to flying.
  • When you have a perforated ear drum.
  • When you have had previous surgery/problems in ear canal where syringing is unsuitable.

Microsuction is different because it is usually a ‘same day’ treatment. The ear wax and the ear canal remain in clear vision for the practitioner during the procedure. This improves efficiency of the clearance and reduces risk. Most ear cleaning by microsuction is 100% successful on the first time, with minimal or no oil installation required in advance, although using oil for a day or two beforehand can help.

You will have a digital video health check of the ear canal before and after treatment. You can also receive a hearing test to ensure that the hearing is normal after removal of the ear wax.

Removal of ear wax by microsuction is usually comfortable, but the vacuum can be noisy. If the wax is very hard or stuck to the eardrum, there can occasionally be some discomfort. If you find the procedure uncomfortable, please let your audiologist know. We may advise for you to use some drops or oil to soften the ear wax and return for another visit.

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