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Ear Irrigation Upminster.

Click Hearing offer Ear Irrigation in Upminster as a method of ear wax removal.

Ear wax removal using Irrigation, often known as Syringing, is a more traditional method of ear wax removal which offers a less invasive and quieter process and is better suited for very nervous or anxious clients.

Other methods of ear wax removal, such as microsuction, are also effective and more information can be found on our Ear Wax Removal page here. If you are unsure contact us for advice.

Before booking on behalf of a child under the age of 7 please call us first to ensure you are clear on what the procedure entails.

Irrigation is £85 for one or both ears and include an initial inspection and assessment of the ears before the ear wax removal procedure takes place.

If no wax is discovered a consultancy fee of £30 is applied.

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When should I consider Irrigation?

  • Hearing aid users who generate lots of wax.
  • Quieter than microsuction.
  • Better than microsuction if you are nervous or anxious about the process.
  • More efficient at removing impacted or deep ear wax.
  • Preferred if wax is sticky or softer, particularly when ear drops have been overused.

Ear Irrigation follows much the same procedure as microsuction, with a digital health check performed before the process begins, known as a video otoscopy.

Please note Irrigation cannot be performed if the ears have been operated on, have a perforation or any open abrasions. Clients with mastoid cavities are also excluded from having irrigation. We cannot offer Ear Irrigation if you have diabetes or have received radiation treatment to the ear canal.

The process uses a gentle, steady stream of water to dislodge the wax. A basin is held under the ear to catch the expelled wax and water.

The ear wax and the ear canal remain in clear vision for the practitioner during the procedure with wax successfully removed almost 100% of the time.

Irrigation is quieter and less invasive than microsuction and is probably a better choice if your wax is very hard or stuck to the eardrum where microsuction can occasionally cause some discomfort.

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