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Audio Service Hearing Aids.

Audio Service has been developing hearing systems for 40 years. Their core area of expertise is in-the-ear hearing systems, and they also offer a full product range including behind-the-ear hearing systems, open-ear systems, RIC hearing systems, ear moulds and an extensive selection of accessories.

With the new G6 platform, they have added a new dimension to the detection of hearing situations. Due to the integrated Motion Sensors, the new HighRes Comformatic can recognise over 120 different hearing scenarios – automatically!

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quiX G6

It’s nearly invisible!

Audio service has equipped the quiX G6 with the latest hearing tech. Based on the G6 platform, it recognises a variety of hearing situations and automatically adapts to them. This enables a listening experience that is exceptional.  

 quiX G6 hearing aids are almost invisible in the ear and are easy-to-use – also with the Audio Service app – which makes them the perfect choice for wearers seeking a discreet solution. 

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Stiline G6

When innovative design meets the latest in hearing aid technology

The new Stiline G6 boasts a highly stylish and innovative design. The handy Travel Charger allows you to fully charge the hearing aid three times and thus ensures flexibility and independence on-the-go. The charger can be conveniently charged without contact/mains wiring using the new Qi technology.

Additional features such as Bluetooth and control via the Audio Service app offer great added functionality – and it also comes in five contemporary colours! .

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