Service packages

Whatever technology level you decide upon when buying your hearing aids from Click Hearing they all include our complimentary 2 year care package which includes regular servicing, batteries and sundries, as well as a 2 year warranty*

After this 2 year period you have the option of joining our Choice club which offers all the above benefits (as well as free re-tubing, free in-house repairs and 10% discount on all accessories) for an annual or monthly cost.

Or, if you prefer you can choose just one or two elements of Choice that suits you best. Whichever option you decide upon you can choose to pay monthly or save and pay for a year upfront.


The Choice option offers all of the batteries, waxguards and domes you will need and offers free 6 and 12 month reassessments and check ups. In addition Microsuction appointments are free and your hearing aids are covered by extended guarantee.

Annual cost is only £210** or £19.99 per month

*All Supreme level hearing aids are automatically covered with a 5 year manufacturer warranty.
** 50% reduction on Choice membership payments when buying Supreme level hearing aids.

Extended Warranty

If you haven’t purchased Supreme level hearing aids the Extended Warranty package will give you peace of mind in offering an extended guarantee for your hearing aids for up to 5 years

Annual cost is £100 or £9.99 per month

Service Plus

This package is ideal if you are just looking for your 6 and 12 monthly Hearing aid checks and reassessments at no charge together with free Microsuction appointments.

Annual charge is £85.00 or £7.99 monthly

Sundries Club

Our Sundries Club will take care of all of your Battery, Waxguard and Dome requirements as you need them.

Annual cost is just £55.00 or £5.99 monthly.

Please contact us for more detailed information on how you can take advantage of the various service packages we offer.

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