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More and more people are making use of the many mobile apps which are available. In fact the app store recently celebrated having over 50 billion mobile apps downloaded. There are many types of mobile apps available, some of which are used for fun, such as Angry Bird, others help you be more productive, such as Evernote and now apps which can improve your lifestyle. According to, an online source giving a voice to innovation ‘almost 190 people per day are downloading a mobile app that turns an iPhone into a hearing aid’.

The mobile app everybody seems to be talking about currently is ‘BioAid’ it has been created by a visionary team at Essex University’s Department of Psychology who are leading the way in the future of hearing aid options. Your Apple iPhone already contains everything that a hearing aid needs such as a microphone, processor and speaker. The ‘BioAid’ app turns your handset into the potential hearing aid of the future. Under the bonnet of the mobile app is a complex algorithm which replicates the complexities of the human air to provide you with hearing aid. Over 17,000 people have so far commented on how the app is changing the lifestyles. It would however it would be interesting to discover how many of those 17,000 have gone to seek help and advice from their local audiologist first.

The BioAid app provides us a great insight into the potential future of hearing aids, however one thing that it doesn’t provide yet is that one to one connection you have with your local audiologist who will not only provide you with expert advice, but provide you with a hearing solution tailored to your individual needs.

Leading a good quality lifestyle whilst living with hearing loss requires you to keep up-to-date with the latest in technology. Independent audiologist such as Click Hearing can provide you with impartial, expert and most importantly friendly advice which will ensure your mind is put to rest, leaving you less time to worry about hearing loss and more time to beat your current score on Angry Birds.

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