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Turning down Tinnitus

We see plenty of people who have been distressed by tinnitus and all too often the advice that they’ve been given is along the lines of ‘there’s nothing that we can do about it; you just have to get used to it’. Not very helpful, and not quite true. While in many cases tinnitus can’t […]

Struggling to hear the TV?

It’s a familiar scene across the nation, after a busy day you sit down to relax and watch a bit of TV. But oh my goodness: – actors mumble, regional or even international accents are more prevalent, background music crashes into every scene, even Newsreaders cut away to graphics making it more and more difficult […]

Ear-Wax removal on the national agenda

Ear wax is wonderful, but you can have too much of a good thing.   Cerumen (or ‘ear wax’ to be less formal) is an antimicrobial, antiseptic, lubricating and protective marvel; but it can be a real “pain in the ears” too. It’s also one of the most common and easily treated causes of hearing […]

Click Hearing’s new practice opens on March 7th 2017

Another Click Hearing practice will open its doors for the first time on March 7th 2017. Situated in Dowsetts Lane, Ramsden Heath, the practice is within easy reach for customers based in Billericay, Wickford, Basildon, Chelmsford and Ingatestone and will offer the full range of services already available at the Chelmsford and Upminster practices.

New ‘How to’ videos available from Click Hearing

Following feedback from Click Hearing customers we have been hard at work producing several ‘How to’ videos that we hope will be of use to everyone who has, or knows someone that uses, a hearing aid.

Snugs custom-fit earphones now available at Click Hearing

Snugs custom-fit earphones are now available at Click Hearing. Snugs is a UK manufacturer of custom-fit earmoulds and earphones. These high quality, award winning earphones have been receiving regular five star reviews in the music and technology media as well as the national press and have been awarded the T3 Platinum award.

Click Hearing to open new practice in Essex

Click Hearing will be opening a new practice in Ramsden Heath in early 2017. Situated only three miles from Billericay the new practice will be ideally situated for customers living in Wickford, Basildon, Rayleigh and Benfleet and will offer the full range of services already available at the Chelmsford and Upminster practices.

Hearing Aid Insurance

Click Hearing has teamed up with Assetsure, who have Lloyd’s of London cover holder status, to provide specialist insurance cover for the hearing aids of our customers . Simply request a quotation via our website for a competitive price. The policy covers your aids and all accessories such as bluetooth, remote controls and wireless devices.

Tinnitus Awareness Week 8-14 February 2016

Tinnitus Awareness Week (TAW) is taking place from 8-14 February 2016, and Click Hearing is proud to be supporting this awareness programme. By raising the awareness of Tinnitus it is hoped that more people can be encouraged to seek help rather than believing that there is no help available. But what exactly is Tinnitus?

Hearing Technology Week at Click Hearing Upminster

Click Hearing will be hosting its first Hearing Technology Week, starting Monday 9th November. Working closely with hearing device and accessory manufacturers the event will showcase the latest developments in hearing device technology as well as how hearing accessories, such as microphones, TV links, DECT phones and even smartphones, can work with new and existing […]