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At Click Hearing Chelmsford you can book your hearing test or consultation online. Just select one of the available slots and you will receive a confirmation via email.

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For Swim plugs


Basic Hearing Aid Assessment

We provide detail of the health of outer ear & hearing sensitivity. Fee is deducted if comprehensive hearing assessment is required.


Comprehensive Hearing Aid Assessment

All included from Basic Assessment. Otoscopy; Audiometry; Tympanometry; Acoustic reflex; Otoacoustic emissions; Speech discrimination testing where required.


Hearing Aid Follow Up

For adjustments to hearing aids fitted by us in the past.


Fees: £65 for both ears. £60 for 1 ear. £30 charged if appointment attended by no ear wax is found to be present.



Annual examination, hearing test, and hearing aid service for our existing hearing aid users. Free of charge for members of our ‘Select Plan’