At Click Hearing we pride ourselves on the positive feedback we receive from our patients. Below are a few testimonials we have recently received.

Click Hearing testimonials
I’m so pleased the wax is gone

I was really very nervous about having wax removed from my ears before I saw Hayley on Friday 27th. I have had syringing before and absolutely hated it, but on a recent visit to my doctor I was assured that microsuction would be far more comfortable, even though they don’t offer this service. So, after a bit of research, I decided to book in with you at Springfield Hospital. The process didn’t take long and after a fair amount of wax had been removed I was amazed at how clearly I could hear again, almost as though I’ve had cotton wool stuck in my ears for the past few months. I’m so pleased that the wax is gone, and yes Hayley, I won’t be delaying at all if I need to have them cleared in the future.

I can assure you I will telling all of my friends about my experience when I get the chance.

Kind regards

Paula Hayward

Click Hearing testimonials
Thank you very much for your good advice and consultation

Thank you very much for your good advice and consultation on Thursday 15th. Your presentation supersedes anything that I have received previously and I am pleased that I have found a consultant upon whom I can rely. Your advice on the type of hearing aids was based purely on what is functionally most appropriate. The fact that it is not what I had hoped for cosmetically means that I need time to consider making the purchase.

When I do decide, I will be back in contact.

Kind regards

Norman Edwards

Click Hearing testimonials

My new Siemens hearing aids are wonderful

My new Siemens hearing aids are wonderful and I would like to thank you and Siemens for going to so much trouble on my behalf. The sound quality of the new instruments is noticeably better than with my previous digital hearing aids and the snug fit makes them very comfortable to wear and even more discrete than before.

Thanks for all your help and guidance and I wish you continued success in the future.

Kindest regards

Robin Nichols

Click Hearing testimonials

Thank you very much for the excellent service

Dear Ben,

Thank you very much for the excellent service, I have today received back both of my aids. I am so pleased, I was very surprised to get them back so quick. I will return the loan one tomorrow. Once again, very many thanks.

Arthur Durrant

Click Hearing testimonials

…words I use to describe Ben and crew at Click Hearing

I, like many, have been quoted stupid prices (£6,500) for my Epoq XW RITE aids.

On the off chance (a couple of glasses of wine and being bored) I searched the internet and found Clickhearing. After all you wouldn’t spend that amount of money on a car without searching the market place!!

What a result. Words like polite, engaging, informative, FAIR VALUE, are just a small sample of words I use to describe Ben and crew at Click Hearing.

Ok – so I had to travel to Upminster, but for a saving of approximately £3,400 I would have gone abroad if needs be. The shop is easy to find – its modern, clean and Ben has access to seemingly state of the art equipment.

I am now into my first 24 hour period of wearing the aids – and boy what a difference.

Thanks Ben

A client

ClickHearing testimonials

I found Click Hearing and I couldn’t believe the price

I managed to save over £3000 on my aids, the only difference was I had to go to them, but for that saving I would have walked there. And I got them same day!!!

Ring them and speak to Ben. He is very helpful.

Since I purchased them the after sales has been out standing and I couldn’t recommend them enough to anybody. Feel free to contact me.

Many thanks,

Richard Court, Hanworth

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