Click Hearing are celebrating 21 years, providing
independent hearing care since 2001.

Are hearing tests important?

Yes – they absolutely are! A test is easy to book, and you don’t need to see your GP first.

We offer two types of hearing tests at our practices, both offering an interpretation of your results using cutting edge fully calibrated equipment.

Our hearing screen takes no more than 15 minutes and is designed to reassure you that everything is OK, or if we need to take a closer look at anything.

Our comprehensive hearing assessment includes so much more than just testing the quietest sounds you can hear and you’ll leave with a better understanding of what happens in your ears and an overview report and explanation to take away.

Book your hearing test with us now to see how you really hear.

What is the best hearing aid?

There are many different styles of hearing aids available, each boasting technology that works seamlessly with mobile phones and other life-enriching technology.

We work with all the leading hearing aid manufacturers, including Signia, who have recently launched their new range that suits all hearing losses and offers technology that gives you the best speech understanding in noisy situations. It’s rechargeable too!

Contact us for an appointment today and find out if you’re suitable for a hearing aid trial.

Ear wax removal

We offer two different processes for successful ear wax removal. Microsuction and Ear Irrigation.

Microsuction is where the ear wax is removed using a gentle suction and a high-power microscope to view the ear canal and drum.

Ear wax removal using irrigation is a more traditional method of ear wax removal. It is a quieter process than microsuction and might be preferred if you have very soft earwax or have been using drops for some time.

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