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Ear Wax Removal Essex.

Click Hearing offers two different types of service for ear wax removal.

Ear wax removal via Microsuction is where the wax is removed using a gentle suction and a high power microscope to view the ear canal and drum. Many Ear Nose and Throat Doctors prefer this method.

Ear wax removal using irrigation is a more traditional method of ear wax removal and offers a less invasive and quieter process than microsuction and is therefore better suited for very nervous or anxious clients. 

If you unsure which is best for you please contact us for advice.

Please note that we can only accept bookings for children who are aged 7 or older. If you are booking for a child under 16 then please call us first to ensure you are clear on what the procedure entails.

Both services are £85 and include an initial inspection and assessment of the ears before the ear wax removal procedure takes place.

If no wax is discovered a consultancy fee of £30 is applied.

Ear Wax removal with Microsuction

Watch our short video on how we remove ear wax using microsuction. It’s a simple process and the effect is immediate. Call us today for your appointment or book online.

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