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Ear Wax Removal Essex.

Service available in Chelmsford and Ramsden Heath.

Click Hearing offers two different types of service for ear wax removal.

Ear wax removal via Microsuction is where the wax is removed using a gentle suction and a high power microscope to view the ear canal and drum. Many Ear Nose and Throat Doctors prefer this method.

Ear wax removal using irrigation is a more traditional method of ear wax removal and offers a less invasive and quieter process than microsuction and is therefore better suited for very nervous or anxious clients. 

If you unsure which is best for you please contact us for advice or refer to our FAQ section below.

Please note that we can only accept bookings for children who are aged 7 or older. If you are booking for a child under 16 then please call us first to ensure you are clear on what the procedure entails.

Both services are £85 and include an initial inspection and assessment of the ears before the ear wax removal procedure takes place.

If no wax is discovered a consultancy fee of £30 is applied.

Ear Wax removal with Microsuction

Watch our short video on how we remove ear wax using microsuction. It’s a simple process and the effect is immediate. Call us today for your appointment or book online.

What is hearing loss?

The words ‘hearing loss’ or ‘hearing impairment’ are used to describe the inability to pick up sound or hear things around you, either completely or partially. There are varying degrees of hearing loss, ranging from mild to severe hearing loss and profoundly deaf. Individuals suffering from hearing loss can be affected in a number of ways and it can often cause emotional, physical and mental strain that can impact negatively on all areas of life.

Thankfully there are a number of solutions for every degree of hearing loss. The team at Click Hearing are fully trained to help you find the best solution for your individual needs.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss

      • Do people seem to mumble or speak in a softer voice than they used to?
      • When you are in a group, or in a crowded restaurant, is it difficult for you to follow the conversation?
      • Do you often need to turn up the volume on your TV or radio?
      • Do you find it difficult to pinpoint where a noise is coming from?
      • Has someone close to you mentioned that you might have a problem with your hearing?

If you have answered YES to one or more of the above questions you could be suffering from hearing loss. Book online for a hearing test or call us for more information.

Hearing Tests.

At Click Hearing we invest highly in the latest hearing test equipment and technology to ensure that you receive the diagnosis, help and support that you need.

As well as our online hearing test available below we offer two types of hearing tests at our practices, both offering an interpretation of your results using cutting edge fully calibrated equipment.

Our hearing screen takes no more than 15 minutes and is designed to quickly determine whether your hearing is operating efficiently or whether assistance may be required.

Our comprehensive hearing assessment includes so much more than just testing the quietest sounds you can hear. Due to the various reasons that hearing loss can occur we will perform a variety of tests including Otoscopy, Tympanometry, Acoustic Reflexes, Otoacoustic Emissions and Auditory Processing (more detail opposite) and provide you with a full Audiogram report.

If you believe that you or someone you know may be experiencing hearing loss it is important to get it checked out by a professional.

Audiometry (Tone or Speech) hearing test

Using tones of varying frequencies and volume, this test provides us with an evaluation of your sense of hearing and is carried out in a sound proof booth for the most accurate measurements.

Tympanometry Test.

This test is often carried out in conjunction with audiometry and is used to assess the function of the middle ear. We can also provide ipsi & contralateral reflexes and reflex decay on request.

Brainstem evoked response audiometry hearing test

This test uses electrodes that are placed on the scalp and behind the ears to measure neural responses to brief tones, available in outpatient clinics or theatre for objective tests or reviewing the growth of acoustic neuroma.


Enables us to view the condition of the outer ear and provides us with a permanent photographic record for future reference.

Otoacoustic emissions (DP, TE and SE) hearing tests for babies.

Used to test the function of the cochlea and other parts of the ear to investigate possible early noise damage and objective tinnitus assessment. Further hearing tests may be needed to determine if there is hearing loss or not.

Listening in Spatialised Noise

Sentences Test (LiSN-S) Developed by the National Acoustics Laboratory this is a virtual-reality hearing test that measures speech perception used for the evaluation of auditory processing disorders.

Hearing Aids.

Hearing aids come in an array of styles and performance levels. As an independent hearing aid provider, we are able to choose from the whole market of hearing aid suppliers.

We give you the widest choice of digital hearing aid solutions from leading hearing aid manufacturers including: Phonak, Lyric, Audio Services, Signia, Starkey, Bernafon, Oticon, Widex, ReSound and Unitron

Choosing the right hearing aid.

There are a wide variety of hearing aid types and styles available to suit all tastes. At Click Hearing our professional audiologists will help you to select the right type of hearing aid for your needs.

We listen to our patients.

Why people are choosing Click Hearing

Sue KingSue King
16:38 24 Mar 22
I attended for my first experience of micro suction and found a warm welcome as soon as I entered. The procedure was explained and pictures taken of the inside of my ears both before and after and shown to me. The removal was quick and easy and as I’m in a wheelchair, I found the Upminster branch accommodating with a ramp ready for me to enter. I was also able to stay in my chair while the treatment was carried out. I will definitely use this service again when necessary.
Brian SalleryBrian Sallery
11:07 03 Mar 20
Very good service, did not have to wait and extremely professional. I went in for some swimming ear plugs and would totally recommend Click Hearing. The only issue is trying to find parking, otherwise great.
Rob FreemanRob Freeman
17:44 01 Mar 20
First class service, I'm on Click Hearings service plan for hearing aids. I always get a fantastic service by the team.
Angela RussellAngela Russell
17:52 24 Feb 20
I recently brought my mother here as she had a build up of wax in both ears. This had left her virtually unable to hear anything. As the doctors will no longer provide a service to clear wax and NHS appointment was 2 months away we decided to try Click hearing. My mother was delighted with the results as all wax was removed and hearing is now restored. The audiologist was amazing- very patient and gentle. Took great care to talk about procedure first and was very reassuring. Would thoroughly recommend!
Thomas Lennon-BarrettThomas Lennon-Barrett
11:08 19 Feb 20
What a brilliant service. I was having trouble with blocked ears. I booked the appointment online which was easy to do. Closer to my booking I was sent another confirmation email, which even had parking details on if. Would highly recommend. Hayley was lovely and informative. I would recommend to anyone.
Chris HaywardChris Hayward
17:59 21 Jan 20
I turned up with a very nervous auntie aged 92 ( on her birthday!) who had been diagnosed late December with ear wax.. Booked online Monday, seen Tuesday pm. We were early and went straight in as the previous customer was also seen and dealt with early. The whole process took 12 minutes and was as pleasant an experience as possible. Auntie was smiling at the end and was relieved at how straightforward and painless the microsuctioning procedure was. The experience was top drawer. Chris Hayward : Wickford, Essex.
Sandra SmithSandra Smith
16:52 30 Dec 19
OMG so amazing the treatment and the lady who followed out the treatment was so fantastic it was done in a matter of minutes and I had been suffering for months till I found this place. I walked out of there with my earring back I could hear every think crystal clear and just to say sorry for what they poor lady had yo pull out my ears WOULD highly recommend
Jodi MaxwellJodi Maxwell
10:47 28 Dec 19
My mother’s first time visiting Click Hearing yesterday (27/12) after recommendation from A close friend and we couldn’t of wished for a better service. The staff was very welcoming and had a kind and friendly approach. My mums problem was sorted out straight away and will definitely return for further appointments in the future. Thank you Click Hearing 😃👍🏻
Sue M SoperSue M Soper
14:08 22 Dec 19
Love it here, friendly staff, full of knowledge. This is the second time I have been and would thoroughly recommend this place for ear care. Thank you.
Barrie GreenBarrie Green
14:54 28 Nov 19
Always get the job done in a professional, friendly and pain free way. Thanks again
Jordan HaroldJordan Harold
18:05 12 Nov 19
I Would just to say thanks on behalf of my nan Pamela Harold Who visited today and received a great service Many Thanks.
Ian SlackIan Slack
08:51 27 Sep 19
I have used Click Upminster for ear wax removal on a couple of occasions and travel a significant distance to use their services. The staff are professional and efficient and the results fantastic. Easy to book, ready availability and friendly service. Parking in the Aldi car park close by
James JohnsonJames Johnson
09:46 16 Sep 19
This is my second visit to Click Hearing where the service is excellent. Viva is very professional and puts you at ease very quickly and makes sure you are aware and comfortable at every stage of the process. If you have any issues or problems relating to hearing then I highly recommend Click Hearing.
Jon HarrisJon Harris
21:32 10 Sep 19
Recently went to Click Hearing for a friend of mine who is 98 yrs old.He had gone completely deaf in the last 10 days due to Ear Wax.Had the microsuction treatment which took about 20 minutes for both ears and now his hearing has vastly improved. All thanks to the professional staff at Click Hearing.Would highly recommend them
Dean OvelDean Ovel
17:16 20 Aug 19
Fantastic service, and very friendly. The micro-suction is less intrusive and quick, with no mess or discomfort. Easy to book and well worth the competitive cost.
Lewis ChambersLewis Chambers
22:19 15 Aug 19
Thank you for fixing my ears! Couldn’t hear very well and was in pain due to an ear wax plug in my ear. Picked here as the audiologists seem more experienced and rated highly (better than Boots and Specsavers). Had a micro suction procedure and was amazing, couldn’t believe what was removed. Quick and painless in one appointment. Amazing feeling having clean ears!
Katarina SmithKatarina Smith
15:05 14 Aug 19
My husband and I both went in as we were both having problems on regular occasions with our hearing being impaired due to blocked ears. My husband in particular was having difficulty- he would have days on end with a blocked ear(s). Turned out we had, as suspected, a wax build up in our ears. What a difference after the treatment- my husband still comments it was one of the best things he's done for himself! The service was friendly and professional. Would highly recommend to anyone who has issues with blocked ears.
Daniel EatonDaniel Eaton
21:36 03 Jul 19
Went to click hearing because both my ears had blocked , always had an issue with my ears blocking, went to click hearing and one of the consultants managed to unblock one ear but not the other, was invited back to try the other blocked one but still no luck, made a third visit when it was then possible to solve my issue. All the consultants were very friendly and considerate and the same goes for the ladies in reception, very helpful. Would deffinatley recommend. Thank you.
Robin ParkerRobin Parker
13:42 25 Jun 19
Having a blocked ear I booked online Sunday evening and found an appointment for Monday morning! I was seen at the booked time, took 10 mins, and my ears are all cleared. The treatment is a little nosey, but at least you don't get wet and it doesn't hurt. Great service and worth the cost. Would recommend.
Sarah EmminsSarah Emmins
11:09 11 Jun 19
Very friendly and explained the simple microsuction procedure straight away to put my nerves at ease. It wasn't painful at all and the lady even tested the suction on the back of my hand. Very quick and easy, so much better than waiting 3 weeks to see the nurse at my doctors and no messing about with ear drops either, which is another huge bonus for me. Weekend appointments too, which helps me greatly. I will definitely be recommending and coming back.
Peter LovettPeter Lovett
18:15 06 Jun 19
This is the first time I have been here it will not be my last Angela and Ben who did my ears were very nice people appointment on time and very quick I can now hear again properly thanks very much I would recommend click hearing to anyone.
M PazM Paz
02:25 22 May 19
Brought my 10 year old child here and was absolutely amazed by the fantastic level of care and support given during the 30 minute procedure - which showed a surprising amount of impacted ear wax, all of which was completely removed - to our absolute satisfaction. Highly recommended.
David CookDavid Cook
11:09 04 May 19
I’ve been attending the Upminster branch for several years, having previously used Boots at various locations. I switched to Click as they are local and, unlike Boots, the audiologists aren’t constantly being moved around. The friendly and efficient service I’ve received from Click has been excellent and the attention to detail when setting up my hearing aids has to be seen to be believed. Not only that, but the amount of wax they manage to extract from the depths of my ears is remarkable!
Amy GaddAmy Gadd
16:07 16 Apr 19
Helpful, welcoming staff who talk through results with you in an informative and useful way. They are also great at remembering your history and using it to help track how you are doing. The tests carried out are thorough and check your hearing and ears in lots of ways. Would definitely recommend.
Ann LeeAnn Lee
18:05 28 Mar 19
I had a pleasant experience and a comprehensive hearing examination. The results were explained, and advice given. Luckily I do not need hearing aids, no was i under any pressure to buy anything. I was very happy with the service and will be following up with routine follow ups in a year or two.
Stephen NightingaleStephen Nightingale
21:12 14 Mar 19
Have used both the Upminster and Ramsden Heath clinics. Both of those have been excellent and the level of care first class. Many thanks
Emma PhillipsEmma Phillips
10:42 20 Feb 19
Very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff. Very easy to book online, followed up by a confirmation phone call from Click Hearing. Parking nearby on street or at Holly Road car park. Great experience - I would fully recommend his company to others.
David PeckDavid Peck
17:00 12 Feb 19
Have been going to Click Hearing for a number of years now and bought several hearing aids. I have always had excellent service ,staff always helpful and very friendly. Ben is very professional ,helpful and will always does his best to find you the right aid ,nothing is a problem to him, so I have no problem in highly recommending him. I did recommend to family and friends who also purchased aids there chosen with Ben's expert advice.
Peter LaingPeter Laing
11:09 11 Dec 18
Fantastic results, cannot recommend more highly
Miss PerfectMiss Perfect
14:10 27 Nov 18
Wow! I've had trouble with my ear for a couple of years and a bad experience with ear stringing. Then I found out about ear suctioning. The lady was so professional and such a pleasant experience, I was laughing through the process. I would 100% recommend this company! Worth every penny! Thank you for helping me hear clearly again.
Gerry WhiteGerry White
14:31 20 Nov 18
Excellent microsuction service. Very knowledgeable professional and helpful staff
Christine AllenChristine Allen
10:46 09 Nov 18
Easy to book an appointment. Treatment was wonderful. Very sympathetic staff.
Robert TebbettRobert Tebbett
14:55 30 Oct 18
Highly recommend them I was nearly deaf when I arrived and they cleaned my ears with the machine and I can hear everything now will definitely recommend to my friends and family
Brian MonkBrian Monk
08:40 21 Jul 18
Had appointment for micro suction of my ears. I turned up on time but had barely sat down and I was called in. Very pleasant audiologist did the work very professionally and within 15 minutes I could hear clearly again! This is the second time I have used Click Hearing and will be very happy to use them again if necessary.